How to apply for support: information for participants of the conference on commutative rings, integer-valued polynomials and polynomial functions and the mini-courses in Graz in Dec. 2012

We have limited funds for the support of a few mathematicians working in the subject area of the conference who would be unable to attend the conference without support (such as graduate students, unemployed mathematicians and mathematicians from low-income countries).

To apply for support, send email to with a subject line of "support", until Sept 15, if possible, and expain your connection to the subject area of the conference, your financial situation and your estimated travel expenses.

We will collect the requests for support that we receive until Sept 15, 2012 and then make a descicion based on proximity of the research area of the participant to the topic of the conference, and financial need, as far as we are able to asses it.

In order to give us some data on which to base our descision, please be as explicit as possible in a few sentences about your research area and your financial situation, in particular, please specify if you are student or faculty (part-time or full-time) or unemployed, etc.

The local organizers: Sophie Frisch, Giulio Peruginelli, Roswitha Rissner. Contact:

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