We have some (limited) funds to sponsor the travel expenses of a few mathematicians working in the subject area of the conference who are unable to attend the conference without support, such as graduate students, unemployed mathematicians and mathematicians from low-income countries.
To apply for support, send mail to until February 28, 2021. It is possible to apply until March 31, 2021 but, because of limited ressources, we can only guarantee consideration to requests from the first round. If you apply for support, please include in your mail
  1. a subject line of "support"
  2. a description of your research and its connection to the conference topic
  3. an estimate of your travel expenses (plane, train, accommodation),
  4. an indication of how much of the travel expenses you can manage to pay yourself.

We will collect the requests for support until February 28, and then make a decision how to distribute our limited funds, based on relevance of the research area of the participant to the topics of the conference and on financial need, as far as we are able to assess it. If after this first round there are still financial ressources left, applictions will be considered until end of March.

In order to give us some data on which to base our decision, please be as explicit as possible about your research area and your financial situation, in particular, please specify if you are student or faculty (part-time or full-time) or unemployed, etc.
The scientific committee and local organizers.