You can download the abstract template here.
A booklet with all the abstracts will appear here after the abstracts have been received. Meanwhile, here are the titles of the plenary talks:

Plenary talks

  • David ADAM (Univ. of French Polynesia): "P-adic extensions of Bhargava factorials"
  • Jason BELL (University of Waterloo): "The growth of algebras"
  • Matej BREŠAR (University of Ljubljana): "Functional identities"
  • Lee KLINGLER (Florida Atlantic Univ.): "Big indecomposable modules over noetherian rings"
  • Mi Hee PARK (Chung-Ang Univ., Seoul): "A localization of power series ring over a Prüfer domain"
  • Giulio PERUGINELLI (U. Padova): "Ostrowski's Fundamentalsatz, pseudo-convergent sequences and integer-valued rational functions"
  • Agata SMOKTUNOWICZ (U. Edinburgh): "Some open questions on finite nilpotent rings related to the quantum Yang-Baxter equation"
  • Anna SZUMOWICZ (U.Paris, Sorbonne): "p-orderings in global fields"