Link to the online sessions (for registered participants)


    In addition to general talks, there are two special sessions:
  • "Integer-valued polynomials" in memory of Paul-Jean Cahen
  • "Topological methods in commutative ring theory"

  • Schedule change: Sharma will speak instead of Rizzo Sat 16:25 (E).
    Here is the schedule of talks for download; and the abstracts booklet.
    Please check for schedule changes frequently.

    Note: the time slots shown include breaks.
    General talks are 20 min, plenary talks (green in the table) 45-50 min.

    Session chairs:
    Monday: morning J.-L. Chabert, afternoon A. Facchini
    Tuesday morning: A. Geroldinger (HS A), D. Smertnig (HS E)
    Tuesday afternoon: S. Wiegand (HS A), R. Wiegand (HS E)
    Wednesday: morning D. Adam, afternoon L. Cossu (A), S. Tringali (E)
    Friday: morning F. Halter-Koch, afternoon D. Adam (A), S. Kiss (E)
    Saturday: morning D. Herbera (A), A.-H. Li (E); afternoon A. Geroldinger (A), L. Guerrieri (E)

    Lecture rooms

    The conference takes place in Kopernikusgasse 24. Use the side entrances at Brockmanngasse 17 and Stremayrgasse 11 to enter the building through the courtyard, where the registration desk is located.

    Talks are in rooms HS A and HS E, on the first floor (European numbering scheme - that's one floor above street level).

    Plenary talks and special sessions are in HS A. In parallel sessions, the left column in the schedule is session "Prüfer" in room "HS A", and the right column is session "Krull" in room "HS E".

    All coffee breaks are in the courtyard of Kopernikusgasse 24, where the registration desk is.